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I am passionate about the benefits of homeopathy. As a practical homeopath I prescribe a course of treatment that is safe and effective that is specifically tailored to the requirements of each individual. I trained at the College for Practical Homeopathy, where I was trained to be a homeopathic detective and am able to work out how people get to where they are in terms of their mental and physical health and then to deliver the most effective way of prescribing remedies to address their individual needs. As a mother of a teenager I'm used to treating children of all ages as well as their parents and I am familiar with the type of illnesses than can come with all the different life stages, from pregnancy through to old age. Having been a business research consultant working with blue chip clients for many years and prior to that having worked in the music business I am used to the challenges faced by people with stressful and busy lives and know how homeopathy can help address the conditions that can be the result of a twenty first century lifestyle. I often prescribe herbal tinctures, which compliment the homeopathic remedies by supporting and strengthening weaker areas of the body to bring about more energy for healing. I also prescribe flower essences which provide a gentle way to address a range of emotional states and which work beautifully alongside homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy can enhance immune system function allowing people to enjoy and sustain good health and well-being.

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