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I gained a special interest in holistic health, wellness and natural beauty on my travels around the world. Having worked in the fashion industry for many years and still modelling well into my fifties -I have had a vested interest in how to look and feel ones best, totally naturally, using a whole health approach!

I am trained in reflexology (, aromatherapy, advanced massage in 1990 and became an IFPA registered aromatherapist and Rejuvanessence (now called Facial Energy Release -face therapy) practitioner in 1991; specialising in maternity treatments often combining reflexology with aromatherapy massage. I am also a qualified in Reiki I and II and Cranio-Sacral Therapy 1 & 2 and now offer Neal’s Yard Organic Holistic Facials.
My treatments often draw on a mélange of all these techniques with a strong holistic lean; I offer advice on how to optimise health naturally with life-style and supplements suggestions whilst complementing any conventional medical treatment.

In a busy and often stressful world I believe that treatments can restore and revive the person, as well as offering support whilst going through a stressful time, recovering from illness, low energy or grief. Treatments can help to release pent up stress and tension to help you regain balance.

I have run many practitioner training courses between since 2004 – 2013 for The International Institute of Rejuvanessence. I now run practitioner training courses in Facial Energy Release (face therapy). I love teaching!
I am principal of School of Facial Energy Release in Bath which is BCMA affiliated.

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ITEC anatomy and physiology 1990 Aromatherapy ITEC 1990 International School of Therapeutic Massage Advanced Massage 1 and 2 1990 International Institute of Rejuvanessence 1991 International Federation of Aromatherapy exam 1991 Aromatherapy Associates Diploma 1991 Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine &Aromatherapy (including Reflexology) for treating Obstetrics 1999 REIKI 1&2 1997 Cranio Sacral therapy 1 and 2 Upledger 2000 Reflexology AOR 2008 Spinal Reflexology 2008 Reflexology Obstetrics (Central College of Reflexology) 2007 Maternity Reflexology part 1 by Susanne Enzer 2010