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I began this joyful journey over 20 years ago when I took a 6 week Shiatsu course. And suddenly I had found an area I just understood.

In 2012 I came across the work of Donna Eden and saw in her work and training the drawing together of all the many observations, thoughts and theories I had begun to put together. She calls her work ‘Energy Medicine’. If you truly want to get healthier, happier, resilient and robust in your personal health, does it really matter what techniques or headings are used?  As with so many things, sometimes you just have to experience something to make your own sense of it which is very much what I recommend with Energy Medicine.


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British School of Shiatsu-Do 2001

European School of Bowen Technique  2007

London School of Thai Massage – Qualified in Thai Foot Massage 2005.

Donna Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Qualified, 2015