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Originally from the Pyrenees, Axelle offers Metamorphic Technique and Tsuboki Japanese Facial Massage, as well as a combination of the two, which has been described as "the most indescribably delicious sensation" and "an excellent way to Spring-clean your mind".  Metamorphic Technique focuses on the spinal reflex points on the feet, hands & head, and is all about releasing debilitating energy patterns.  Tsuboki is a facial massage originally from Japan, and is all about flushing out toxins and reducing lines and scars adding a beautiful glow to the skin.   Widely represented in national magazines & blogs, Axelle has been twice voted one of London’s best alternative practitioners by The Evening Standard.  She is also the published author of "How to make your life work: daily guide to sanity".


Metamorphic Technique

The Metamorphic Technique is non-invasive, gentle and safe. It uses a light touch on the spinal reflex points of the feet, hands and head.  Those specific points represented in Metamorphic Technique, correspond to the time spent in the womb.  As our cells hold the memory of emotions attached to our experiences, we end up "carrying baggage” which doesn’t necessarily belong to us. The Metamorphic practitioner acts only as a catalyst, however, and the client’s own innate body intelligence can release and transform debilitating energy patterns into more appropriate patterns.  Thanks to the life force within people, improvement has been observed in: eating disorders,  insomnia, addictions, arthritis, chronic fatigue, stress, trauma, difficult pregnancy, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, learning difficulties, difficult behaviour, chronic disabilities as well as transitional periods like career changes, moving home, break-ups/divorce, bereavement or simply when stuck, uninspired or lacking energy and purpose.


Tsuboki Japanese facial massage

Often described as a natural facelift, Tsuboki works on both the physical and emotional level.  It starts with a delicious neck and shoulder massage to help remove tension and increase circulation to the face which helps repair damaged tissues, flush toxins and supply facial tissue with nutrients and oxygen.  This is followed by a facial massage using fragrance-free and quickly-absorbed organic oil to improve the appearance of the skin. Then acupressure is applied as a combination of finger pressure, tapping and stroking to more than 50 tsubos and 8 meridians.  Both facial appearance and the whole body can be positively affected, and can result in reduced acne scarring, lines and wrinkles.  It ends with lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and eliminate toxins which have been released during the facial massage and meridian work.  It feels like a full body massage.> Not suitable for pregnant women, Botox users, diabetes, epilepsy.


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