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Xander’s has practised craniosacral therapy (Upledger Institute) since 2000 and therapeutic massage (deep tissue and Swedish) since 1995.  This experience has exposed him to a vast array of conditions and ailments across all ages. 
His treatment approach places great emphasis on listening to his clients and focuses on the whole body, rather than solely on the symptoms presented.  He treats such symptoms as:  anxiety ◦ bereavement ◦ conception problems ◦ depression ◦ menopause ◦ migraines ◦ on-going aches ◦ period pain ◦ post-natal recovery and newborns ◦ sleeplessness ◦ TMJ issues ◦ stress ◦ trauma reconciliation ◦ whiplash.

Xander’s cranioSacral therapy studies have seen him reach advanced levels, including in somato emotional release, and undertake courses specialising in immune response, paediatrics and visceral manipulation, as well as craniosacral therapy for small animals (dogs, cats, etc). He also leads a monthly study group.

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