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Dry Skin

Dry & Sensitive Skin

Skincare for Dry Skin & Sensitive Skin

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To be beautifully soft and supple, dry skin needs a little help in maintaining its natural moisture levels. Support it with our Nourishing Orange Flower collection or other natural and organic ranges for your perfect skincare ritual
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What is dry skin?

Dry skin is skin that is not sufficiently moisturised compared to other areas of your body. If you have dry skin, the affected areas may be flaky or scaley in appearance; dry skin may also feel itchy or be cracked and look rough, so it’s crucial you use skincare products that have been made with dry skin in mind.

How can you tell if you have dry skin and what causes dry skin?

Flaky skin, itchiness and redness are all symptoms of dry skin. Dry skin may also be more sensitive and prone to irritation, especially if you’re not using the right products for your skin. Dry skin is generally caused or exacerbated by several factors:

- The weather – dry skin on the face and hands is common during colder weather when the temperature and humidity levels fall. Likewise, dry skin can be a result of spending time or living in hotter climates that are naturally very dry.

- Exposure to heat – in the same way hotter climates can cause dry skin, prolonged exposure to fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and heaters can dry out your skin too.

- Harsh skincare products – your dry skin could be caused by soaps and cleansing products that can remove oils and moisture from the skin.

- Other skin conditions – if you suffer from a skin condition, including eczema or psoriasis, you may be more prone to dry skin.

What products are suitable for dry skin?

When choosing dry skin remedies, it is imperative you choose products that have been formulated specifically for dry skin to reduce the risk of further irritation. Harsh skincare ingredients may also aggravate dry and dehydrated skin, which makes it particularly important to seek out natural skincare products for dry skin.

Our Nourishing Orange Flower collection with orange flower essential oil has been formulated specifically for dry skin, including our Orange Flower Facial Wash, Moisturiser, and Night Cream to leave your skin feeling nourished.