Soothing honey based pastilles with eucalyptus, propolis and mint.

  • Suck one pastille as and when required.
  • One pastille should last about 5 minutes.

Gum Arabic (45%), Brown Sugar, Honey (17%), Pure Propolis Extract (6%), Essential Oils Of Eucalyptus (0.25%), Mint And Menthol Natural Flavors.
Coating Agent: Vegetable Oil And Carnauba Wax (No Gmo)

Allergen Information: May Contain Traces Of Eggs, Nuts And Wheat

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kimberley H.
Nice flavour not overpowering

I like these, they're small but as they're sold by weight you get lots of them. Lovely flavour while not being too strong or overpowering and nice texture also, would use again.

Cheryl G.
Excellent Pastilles

Best pastilles for cold and coughs

Karen M.
These Pastilles do wonders to ease & settle the throat

Hi, I've been using these Eucalyptus Pastilles for years now for whenever I suspect a sore throat coming on. They ease a throat when you have a cough as well!
So pleasant to suck too! Mm! They settle a sore throat when getting into bed too! Just suck them till they've gone & fall asleep. It really works! I'll keep using these pleasant pastilles whenever I need them.

Louise M.
Eucalyptus pastilles 45g

I bought theses for a friend, as she had a bad sore throat, the pastilles seem to work for her.

A must have!

I have used these pastilles for some time now - they are always really effective at warding off the first signs of a sore throat or tickly cough.