Soothing honey based pastilles with eucalyptus, propolis and mint.

  • Suck one pastille as and when required.
  • One pastille should last about 5 minutes.

Gum Arabic (45%), Brown Sugar, Honey (17%), Pure Propolis Extract (6%), Essential Oils Of Eucalyptus (0.25%), Mint And Menthol Natural Flavors.
Coating Agent: Vegetable Oil And Carnauba Wax (No Gmo)

Allergen Information: May Contain Traces Of Eggs, Nuts And Wheat

Customer Reviews

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Louise M.
Eucalyptus pastilles 45g

I bought theses for a friend, as she had a bad sore throat, the pastilles seem to work for her.

A must have!

I have used these pastilles for some time now - they are always really effective at warding off the first signs of a sore throat or tickly cough.

Best gift ever

Bought as a gift for me amongst other things to help me keep winter healthy. They’re great and really help when getting the inevitable winter germs.

Carol H.
Brilliant pastilles

I have used these pastilles for many years. I have problems both with my sinus and throat and these are the only pastilles which help to relieve irritation which causes coughing. I would thoroughly recommend


I bought these pastilles some time ago but have only just felt the need to give them a go. Having had a head cold/sinus problems over the past week I remembered these languishing in the back of a drawer. They have been wonderful to help soothe a dry throat. I was a bit surprised how tiny they were but one lasts quite a time. The taste takes a bit of getting used to, but is not unpleasant. Even though I have taken quite a few there are lots left and when they eventually run out I will definitely buy some more

Lisa V.
Eucalyptus Pastilles

I like these for when I wake in the night with a cough. I don’t like using regular lozenges and leaving sugar on my teeth while I sleep so like that these are natural and also small.