All our product cartons, catalogues and other marketing materials are produced from ethically accredited paper and board. FSC certification ensures that products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Blue glass bottle upcycled


We hate waste, so we're delighted to have a family run business who are transforming our not-quite-perfect blue glass bottles and jars into beautiful dishes and vases.  We also regularly upcycle for store displays, a stunning example is blue glass bottle chandelier in our Westfield store.  We hope this inspires you to get creative and reuse your bottles in your own way.

World Land Trust

Help save endangered habitats without lifting a finger with our Christmas gifts, which are packaged with FSC certified and Carbon Balanced Paper.

This eco friendly packaging – part of the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced programme – has helped us to protect 13,000 m2 of precious forest and offset over 150 tonnes of CO2 since March 2012. The programme offsets carbon emissions by purchasing and protecting tropical forest under threat of deforestation.

As World Land Trust patron Sir David Attenborough puts it, the programme “really does give us a way of helping put back what we are taking away."

Carbon Balanced Paper used for our Christmas gift boxes


Not sure what to recycle and where? Here’s the lowdown on what to do


Packaging Type What to do with it?
Glass bottles and jars Upcycle and reuse at home!
Recycle at the brown glass bin your local or Council Collection scheme, or bring back to one of our stores* for a reward! (*Excludes Taunton, Totnes and Tavistock)
Plastic bottles and tubes, caps and pumps (dismantled), packaging for wipes Recycle at the plastic bin your local or Council Collection scheme
Labels Peel off your glass bottle or jar, double over and recycle in the plastic bin
Muslin cloths Wash on low temperature, dry naturally and keep using! Can go to textiles recycling collection points.
Wipes Compost or add to textiles recycling collection points (dry out first).
Cartons plus corrugated cardboard & kraft paper (used for internet shopping deliveries) Take to your local council paper recycling collection scheme
Catalogues Share with your friends! Recycle in paper recycling schemes (they also cut up nicely to make colourful paperchains)
Corn starch chips (used for packing instead of bubble wrap) Bio-degradable and compostable to EN13432. Put the chips in the compost and watch them disappear over time