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Little Book of Herbs, Neal's Yard Remedies

Little Book of Herbs

PLU 9349


Harness the power of herbs - nature's toolkit for health and wellbeing.

The Little Book of Herbs explains the safe use of herbs with clear information for treating common ailments, relieving stress and enhancing vitality.

A plant lover, gardener and naturopathic herbalist, author Tipper Lewis has a passion for helping people find greater health through using herbs and natural remedies, alongside diet and lifestyle changes.

"Plants thrive in the right conditions and we, in turn, can use them to balance our internal system for our own wellbing." Author and Naturopathic Herbalist, Tipper Lewis


  • Key ways you can easily use herbs at home
  • A closer look at which herbs are useful for common ailments
  • Concise information on the benefits of our 42 top selling herbs
  • Dosages and useful tips for herbal remedies
  • A quick reference chart for herbs linked to ailments