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Aloe Vera Juice, Neal's Yard Remedies

Aloe Vera Juice

PLU 8291


Use externally for skin irritations and burns. Apply as a lotion for sunburn. Internally it both cleanses, stimulates and/or soothes the digestive tract.

As a listed ingredient in James Wong's 'ALOE & SLIPPERY ELM ANTISEPTIC POULTICE' recipe from his book 'Grow Your Own Drugs - a year with James Wong'.

Avoid During Pregnancy
Herbs taken in theraputic dosages should be checked for safety and use during pregnancy and breast feeding in consultation with a qualified herbal practitioner. This herb should not be used internally during pregnancy unless prescribed by a qualified medical herbalist trained in the appropriate use of these substances.


  • An excellent digestive tonic, also helps soothe and cool the skin.

How to Use:

To use externally - wipe over the affected area of skin using cotton wool.
For internal use - take up to 15ml per dose twice a day to improve health of the gastrointestinal system.