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Bee Pollen, Neal's Yard Remedies

Bee Pollen

PLU 3385


Packed full of vital nutrients, traditionally used for seasonal allergies.

As a nutrient powerhouse of 18 vitamins, turbo-charged Bee Pollen helps to improve strength, endurance and recovery after exercise.  Many top athletes use it to improve their performance!

This clever superfood may also help to reduce histamine production to combat allergies.

Caution: Bee Pollen supplements should be avoided by those allergic to bee stings, honey & bee products.  Always test for allergy by ingesting one pellet first.

Taste: Intensely floral and sweet.

Top Tip: For an extra burst of energy, simply eat a teaspoonful.


  • Energy
  • Nutritive tonic
  • Restorative

How to use:

One teaspoon daily for normal use to two teaspoons daily for athlete's use.  Sprinkle on your smoothie, yoghurt and cereal or include in a trail mix granola for energy on the go.  Also add in to cakes and desserts.

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