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Goji Berries, Neal's Yard Remedies

Goji Berries

PLU 3380


Lycium chinensis

A traditional Chinese herb used to help increase longevity, beauty, strength and vitality.

Known in Tibet as a 'key to eternal youth', Goji Berries are powerhouses of vitamins, minerals and health-giving carbohydrates and protein.

Goji Berries are said to be one of the richest antioxidant fruits in the world.

Caution: Best to avoid if you are prone to diarrhoea.

Taste: Rich, sweet, slightly tangy.

Top Tip: Great in granola.


  • Nutritive tonic
  • Antioxidant
  • Adaptogen

How to use:

Up to 30g daily.  Add to yoghurt, smoothies, cakes and baking, trail mix, cereals, salads, porridge, chocolate, superfood 'buzz' balls, or simply as a healthy snacking alternative to sweets.

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