Organic Rosehip Oil is an excellent source of essential fatty acids, which promote the production of the prostaglandins involved in tissue healing and regrowth. The fatty acids also help to promote cellular development and collagen synthesis, which is important for keeping skin smooth and supple.

Rosa Canina Fruit Oil*

*Organically Produced Ingredient. Made With 100% Organic Ingredients.

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Mel Aston

Leaves my skin soft and glowing. Amazing quality oil.


Been using this nightly and it’s really working to help reduce the redness and dryness in my skin (combi skin, oily and dry sections) Please can you add a dropper!?


Bought this as a more natural replacement for Bio Oil on a new, healing scar (complete with last part of scab). It's absolutely marvellous! And whole scar looks much better. Have started using on my very dry forearms. Very pleased.

Apothic M
Best of Its Kind

I have been using this oil since it was first launched and the only time I changed to other brands, was because of the colour change of the NYR's one, which was lighter at one point... I love the deep orange colour, the natural smell and the rich texture of this oil and I hope it stays that way. It's especially good when you're feeling tired, pale and wintered-out! Lighter versions pale by comparison.

Miracle rosehip oil

I have overly sensitive combination skin, large pores and eczema, scars and lots of wrinkles on fore head around eyes and smile lines as now nearing 45 and I wish to age gracefully, I have tried so many products that irritate, have too many ingredients and are way over priced for so little and as prone to break outs in older age and dry skin, I thought I would give this a try as organic not greasy, and no ingredients to irritate which is so rare to find. I started using 2 years ago when my skin was at its very worst, I wash my face with sensitive face wash by Neal's Yard again, great product and lightly exfoliate twice a week, then apply rosehip oil. OMG using this sparingly day and night and sometimes in between when not wearing makeup, my skin is smoother does not clog pores or cause further breakouts in fact they have stopped apart from 1 or 2 spots when my period's due and scars are so light, barely visible these days but a massive improvement in my skin as no longer appears oily or dry but smooth and hydrated, smile lines and wrinkles around eyes and on forehead much less visible and when look in the mirror I look youthful again it's great. The size of bottle is perfect the price is perfect as not cheap but not overly priced which means I can just manage cost within my monthly budget, I don't like pipettes although another reviewer does like them as says unhygienic without pipettes. I understand her view but my view of pipettes is this - they cause waste as oil is left over in pipette and it's not unhygienic if you wash hands thoroughly, also shake bottle with lid on then put centre of palm (obviously no lid) over opening so no air and tip bottle upside down this is all you should need without waste for face, usually about a 5 pence size, I buy this monthly and would hate price, size or ingredients to change. Nothing else has ever worked for me personally now I've found it I hope others read this and get same great/amazing results as me.

Holy Grail Oil

Been through countless bottles of this! Makes me cringe to think that when I was younger I probably threw it in the bin, but the glass packaging makes it easily recyclable. I find this hydrating without being too thick for my oily skin, and helps to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Overall is just a solid oil suitable for all skin types and skin concerns, will continue to repurchase as can't think i'll find a better, more simple oil for a better price.

Vastly improved complexion

I attended a workshop at NYR head office and was asking advice about my 40yr old hormonal and occasional acne problem skin. The lovely team there advised rosehip oil after washing my face each evening. I have been using the oil for a month now and I am so pleased with the results. I haven't experienced the usual monthly skin outbreak and my complexion has vastly improved. Thank you for the good advice and good product. Also, a little goes a very long way. Id imagine this bottle would last a good 6 months.


This is amazing. I had a patch of irritation/eczema on palm of my hand for months. 2 trips to doctor and 2 prescriptions did not sort it but after using this oil on my face after a few days I noticed skin on my hand completely better ! Also its fantastic for my complexion!