Online Aromatherapy for Sleep Workshop - Tuesday 2 June

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    Receive 30% discount on selected oils and 'create your own' products when you book this workshop

    Come and join us in our Zoom virtual classroom and explore with us the benefits of Aromatherapy.
    Getting enough, good quality sleep is essential for good physical and mental health. Stress, worries, anxiety and family demands can often deprive us of sleep and can have negative effects on our health and wellbeing. Establishing good sleep hygiene and integrating herbs and essential oils into our bedtime routine can help us achieve a better and more restful sleep.

    The workshop will explore: 
    •    the properties of 5 essential oils (not covered on our 1 day Introduction to Aromatherapy course)
    •    how aromatherapy can help with a good night's sleep
    •    basic aromatherapy application techniques
    •    further advice on how to improve sleep

    This workshop is suitable for those who would like to get started using essential oils to aid sleep or those who have already attended our 1 day Introduction to Aromatherapy course and would like to expand their knowledge of essential oils.

    Although not essential to participate in the workshop, to enhance your experience and support your learning with the olfactory adventure, we suggest that you purchase the following oils:

    •    Lavender English Organic Essential Oil

    •    Basil Organic Essential Oil

    •    Marjoram Sweet Organic Essential Oil

    •    Clary Sage Organic Essential Oil

    •    Orange Organic Essential Oil 

    30% off online
    Once you have booked on the Course, we will email you a discount code for 30% off that can be redeemed against the selected oils listed above*. Please ensure you order the oils at least 7 days before the date of the Course so that they arrive in time.

    *T&Cs apply

    Length: 1.5 hours
    Date: Tuesday 2 June 2020
    Time: 11.00am - 12.30pm
    Tutors: Ines Willis / Lisa Gwilliam
    Benefits: Each student will be entitled to a 30% discount on selected oils and 'create your own' products
    Entry requirements: Open to all - no prior experience necessary – please note this course is not a CPD course and does not give you a professional qualification and does not entitle you to practice Aromatherapy
    Further Information: email

    No tickets or other items will be sent in the post. You will receive a welcome email prior to the course with your login details. 

    *Online course T&Cs apply