Natural skincare routine for clear skin

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If you’re wondering how to get clearer, brighter, and more radiant skin – you’ve come to the right place. With this simple three-step natural clear skin routine, you can be on your way to clearer-looking skin in no time. 

Skincare tips for clear skin

1. Hydration: There are a multitude of benefits to drinking water throughout the day, keeping your body hydrated, whilst also helping to improve skin tone and promote clearer-looking skin.


2. Taking vitamins and supplements for skin: Caring for your skin starts from within. Providing your body with the right nutrients and minerals it needs helps to encourage a clearer complexion. Our Frankincense Intense™ Beauty Boost Supplement and Clear Skin Complex have both been formulated to support and contribute towards achieving clear skin naturally.

3. Avoid over-washing or over-exfoliation: When skin is particularly sensitive, it’s important to stick to cleansing morning and night (including post-exercise) whilst exfoliating skin up to 2-3 times a week, protecting the skin’s natural barrier.


4. Rinse with cold water: As well as being refreshing and invigorating for the skin, washing with cool water can help reduce skin puffiness and make you feel more awake in the morning.


5. Reduce stress and promote moments of relaxation: Often breakouts are related to stress. Identify what helps you to reduce your stress levels and create a relaxing environment at home.


6. Get plenty of sleep and rest: While you sleep your body works to repair and restore the skin. Getting the recommended hours of sleep improves your overall skin health.


7. Use gentle skincare products: Support your journey to clear skin by choosing natural and organic skincare products that are both dermatologically tested and free from harsh ingredients, providing relief and nourishment for your skin.

How to get clear skin

Step 1. Cleanse


As we go about our daily lives, our skin accumulates all kinds of dirt and pollution which can contribute to breakouts, dehydration and reactivity.


That’s why all good skincare routines start with a good facial wash, to clean skin whilst removing the unwanted dirt, built-up oils and bacteria, and prep the skin for the rest of your routine.


Our Sensitive Soothing Cleansing Milk is gentle, yet effective for soothing sensitive skin while gently melting away everyday impurities. For a little boost in the mornings, try our Rejuvenating Frankincense Cleanser, enriched with toning frankincense and moisturising organic cocoa butter, leaving your face soft, fresh and smooth.

Step 2. Treat


After your cleanse is a good time to treat specific problem areas. Whether you want to reduce under-eye puffiness or combat dryness, now is the time to use your treatment products. From facial toners to oils, your perfect clear skin routine will use products that are tailored to your skin type.


To soothe dry skin, our Orange Flower Facial Oil is ideal for replenishing your skin’s natural moisture levels and protecting it in cold weather. For really sensitive skin, our Sensitive Restore + Smooth Serum soothes and hydrates, while helping to reduce redness.


If you want a radiant glow, try our Wild Rose AHA Toner in this step to renew and refine your complexion. Or, if it’s under-eye puffiness you’re worried about, our White Tea Eye Gel revives, soothes and cools tired-looking eyes.

Step 3. Moisturise


The final step in this simple clear skincare routine is to moisturise. This step is really important for helping your skin maintain its balance and stay hydrated.


Our Sensitive Replenish + Balance Moisturiser helps to restore the skin’s natural hydration levels, leaving the skin feeling soothed and replenished and ready for the day ahead. In the evenings, you can opt for a richer facial moisturiser such as our Vitamin E & Avocado Night Cream, to deeply moisturise and nourish your skin overnight.


You should do your skincare routine both in the morning and at night, but you can still keep your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed in-between your routines using our Reviving White Tea Facial Mist while you’re on the go.

Keeping things simple and opting for the right products tailored to your skin type is the best way to achieve clear, bright and radiant skin.