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Massage oils

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Our massage oils are expertly blended to stimulate, soothe and relax. Aromatherapy massage, whether it’s in our Therapy Rooms, or in the comfort of your own home, can alleviate stress and help you unwind and improve your mood. We even have organic massage oils for new mums and babies in our collection.

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What is a massage oil?

Massage oils are used as part of a massage treatment to further relax and relieve tension in the body. Our natural massage oils are often used in Neal’s Yard Remedies massage sessions, with our massage therapists diffusing essential oils in the treatment room during the session or adding drops of essential oil to a massage lotion and applying it directly to the skin.

Choosing massage oils

Massage oils are used in massages to help reduce friction while the massage is carried out. With massage oils, the therapist’s hands will glide over your body. Given that massage oils are often scented with essential oils, they provide another avenue for relaxation, and leave a lasting fragrance, even after the session is over.

It’s important when choosing massage oils to consider if you require an unfragranced base oil or a scented massage oil that has been blended with essential oils. Essential oils are natural fragrant essences extracted from flowers, leaves, bark, roots, fruit peel and berries, while basic massage oils are typically base carrier oils with essential oils added – either in the massage oil blend itself, or by the therapist during your session.

Fragrances and essential oils for massage include the following:

- Bergamot – fruity and uplifting, bergamot is particularly useful for balancing the body and mind

- Cedarwood – balanced and soothing, cedarwood is great for balancing and toning the skin

- Chamomile – light, fruity, and naturally calming, chamomile helps to ease tension and balance your emotions

- Eucalyptus – stimulating and cooling, eucalyptus helps to decongest your sinuses

- Geranium – floral and uplifting, geranium essential oil helps to restore balance to the skin

- Lavender – cleansing, refreshing and naturally soothing, lavender is one of our best sellers

- Lemon – fresh and zesty, lemon essential oil is toning and clarifying for the skin

- Orange – uplifting and naturally revitalising, helpful with supporting the body’s natural detoxification processes

- Peppermint – cooling and refreshing, peppermint helps to stimulate the mind and refresh the body

- Tea Tree – stimulating and invigorating, tea tree is one of our top ten bestselling essential oils