Wouldn't be without it! Perfect.

By 132759, 12/12/2012
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I've been using this stuff for years and still keep coming back for more. I actually can't live without it! I've also experimented with various different types of facial scrubs and exfoliators from various different brands, but I've never found anything that works for me even near as well as this one does. For some reason I have the kind of skin that normally feels like it needs exfoliating every couple of days. But when I use this product, it exfoliates more deeply and the effect lasts for longer. After I've used this, my skin feels incredibly soft and clean. Smells and feels good enough to eat too! I tend to use this when I'm in a hot steaming bath for a thorough cleansing effect. Don't be put off by how thick and grainy it looks in the pot - it still has a gentle effect on the face and is not in the least bit harsh. Even better that the grains are biodegradable because they're made of rice - it feels good to know you're not contributing to the 'plastic soup' ocean pollution.