What a great product and it has great results!

By Sharon Duffy, 22/04/2010
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I have used many high range skin care products over the years and I can't be without them but I have to say this one took me by suprise. I got this as a free sample on a magazine and I used it but to be honest I wasn't that impressed, it didn't feel like the other creams that I had used before and I wasn't convinced it was doing anything. When it ran out I went back to my usual moisturiser. My skin then started to come out in spots as before, nothing seemed to make them go. This is when I realised that it had been working! I then realised that I hadn't had any spots including the hormone time of the month ones on the chin, while I had been using this moisturiser. My skin looked clean and fresh and and I liked my makeup. So I am definately going to stick with this suprise product!!