Smells wonderful and not in the slightest artificial …

By ColinT1970, 24/12/2012
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… because it isn't! Unlike so many citrus-scented products out there, this one contains the real deal: oils from the zest of citrus fruits. It smelt so nice when it arrived, I almost drank it straight out of the bottle! "Don't," I told myself, "this was £14 …" - as if I was about to go and get a glass and sip it gradually! Somewhat worryingly, only my SECOND thought was, "… and it's shower gel"!!! For most of the past decade, I've been limited to using medical preparations in the shower instead of conventional soaps or bathing products, owing to incredibly sensitive skin (I need to go in when the neighbour hands out laundry rinsed in fabric softener, to avoid an itchy rash!). Even when in the shower, with the product already on my hands, about to apply it, alarm bells were ringing in my mind. "Don't do it." I told myself, calmly - such was the strong connection between anything that smells (pleasant!) and itchy, red, peeling skin. It would have been responsible to test the product on a small area of skin first - and I'd strongly recommend this course of action to anyone with similar experiences. However, such was the success and improvement with other NYR products I've tried, I was unable to hold myself back. The 8th November 2012 marked the occasion when I used a real product in the shower for almost 10 years. But there's more … As delighted as I was to have no immediate adverse reaction to the product, I still needed to double-check once I was out of the shower and dry. Not only was my skin not reacting negatively, it was the softest and most moisturised it had felt in a very long time. I didn't even need to use the (Bee Lovely) Body Lotion I'd ordered (having had remarkable success with the Bee Lovely Hand Cream - see my review on the product). That night, I checked my skin again, looking for signs of redness and peeling or flaking, as it still wasn't itching. Nothing - just still-soft skin. Hands down beating anything I'd previously been prescribed by the dermatologist. A month on and I'm still delighted with the product. It's quite liquid and doesn't foam as much as other products (as far as I can remember) - but this is a good thing, I'm told by many. Use with a shower ball to encourage bubbles if that's what you like, or use with NYR's Massage Mitt … … and begin each morning with a smile, thanks to the wonderful lifting aroma.