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Organic Tea Tree
Essential Oil


These trees were grown from specially imported Australian seeds. Now this successful farming project supports over 500 families with a steady income.

In our Aromatherapy range.

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Organic Rose
Essential Oil

Kerman Province,

“The money we earn from our roses means we can build schools for our children.” Ahmet, Rose Farmer.

In our Rehydrating Rose collection.

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Organic Beeswax

New Zealand

Remote hills and pastures abundant with nectar-rich wild flowers and native manuka make New Zealand the perfect source for our golden organic beeswax.

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Organic Geranium
Essential Oil

DR Congo

Helping rebuild over 150 women’s lives in an area devastated by civil war, with fair wages and community premiums. At the heart of our Geranium & Orange range.

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Organic Lavender
Essential Oil


Our very first certified organic product, we’re especially fond of our French lavender essential oil, and the supplier, who we’ve worked with for over 25 years.

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Calendula Flower

Sheepdrove Farm, Berkshire &
Our Eco-Factory, Dorset

We love these glorious marigold flowers so much we grow our own! All their field-fresh natural goodness is captured by our on-site Herbal Tincture Unit.