Our packaging strategy

Our packaging is designed to ensure our products reach you in top condition, but it also needs to be easy to use, practical, beautiful and have minimal environmental impact.

  • 1. REDUCE – Minimise packaging components
  • 2. REUSE – Use recycled & sustainable materials
  • 3. RECYCLE – Enable post-use recycling


We aim to minimise overall packaging by keeping it as simple as possible, helping to save resources and reduce emissions during manufacture. This also reduces emissions from transporting the packaging to us and, when filled, to our stores, stockists and consultants worldwide.


We can’t re-fill the packaging used in our organic skincare, but we can use ‘pre-loved’ material to make it from! Never one for half measures, our blue plastic bottles are British-made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. They are more energy efficient to produce, and divert waste plastic from potential landfill.


All our blue glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and lids, plus our cartons, are easily recyclable. Check our recycling guide below.