Despite being thought of as by many as “back specialists”, osteopaths holistically treat a wide range of medical conditions. Osteopathy works on the principle that, in order to achieve optimum wellbeing, the skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues should work synergistically.

Osteopaths seek to rebalance the body by means of touch, massage, cranial techniques (referred to as cranial osteopathy), manipulation and joint mobilisation. Osteopathy can be successful in treating:

  Neck and back pain, including sciatica  
  Shoulder and arm problems  
  Sports’ injuries  
  Postural problems, including those caused by pregnancy and work-related conditions  
  Pre- and post-natal back pain  
  Repetitive strain injury  
  Hip, leg and pelvic problems  

Osteopathy can successfully help to treat these conditions by:

  Relieving muscular tension  
  Improving joint mobility  
  Supporting the body’s own ability to heal itself  
  Encouraging blood and nerve supply to tissues  

All of our osteopaths are fully qualified and regulated and follow strict codes of practice. They aim to treat clients on an individual basis depending on their own unique needs and they focus on providing long-term, as opposed to temporary relief, from physical problems. For further help with painful joints

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