Neil Lawson


Since my initial training in Swedish massage in 2000 I have continued to train, learn and work with clients in private practice.  In my work, I combine all my knowledge in supporting my clients to achieve the outcomes they desire, whether that is complete relaxation, relief from pain and stiffness or working through a challenge in life.
The physical body is a store of all the experiences, emotions and memories we accumulate.  Working together, we create an environment where these can be safely released during the massage, releasing energy for the client and freeing emotional discomfort too.  Physical tension, pain, stiffness and soreness simply melt away.  I invite all my clients to tell me at any time if they are uncomfortable with any aspect of the treatment and we agree a different approach.
I have worked with hundreds of clients and have a wealth of experience in dealing with the problems we all face.  Whatever your situation, we work together to resolve it.
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Sports Injuries and Massage, APNT via Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine
No Hands Massage, No Hands Massage Company