Raspberry Leaf Single Herbal Tincture

Raspberry Leaf Single Herbal Tincture

Latin name - Rubus ideus. Herbal tinctures are made by extracting the herbal constituents of a plant in a mixture of water and alcohol.

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Benefits & Usage

Response to dosage is highly individual. In the early half of last century homoeopaths got good results by giving very low dosages - 4-6 drops of mother (herbal) tinctures in a little water - twice daily. The whole art of drainage remedies developed around this approach. Herbalists, on the other hand, tend to give much higher dosages - 25-40 drops (and more) in a little water 2-3 times daily. If anyone is unsure which approach to follow, begin with a low dosage for around 10 days, and then work up to a higher one, if not satisfied with initial results. When pregnant begin with a lower dose once a day from the third month, increasing to a higher dose three times a day from the sixth month onwards. Continue after the birth, once to three times daily, to tone and strengthen pelvic tissues and to increase milk production. 1ml of tincture typically provides a minimum of 250mg of extracted herb. This should give a Herb-to-Liquid ratio of 1:5.


Water, organic rye alcohol, raspberry leaf. This is a vegan product.