Muriel Pichard

Muriel Pichard initially qualified as a homoeopath and during the course of her training was introduced to flower essences - a true revelation which changed the course of her life and work and now essences are the foundation of her practice. She has worked with leading creators of essences and has started the process of creating essences herself. She works on an intuitive level and aims at helping people follow their own intuition.

Muriel has recently completed the Neal's Yard Remedies, Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Science Diploma course and will soon be incorporating Aromatherapy into her flower essences practice.

Muriel is an inspirational teacher, dedicated and passionate about sharing her knowledge of flower/vibrational essences and how they can be a catalyst for transformation and change. She believes there is “a flower waiting to open in each of us”.

Courses: Introduction to Flower Essences | Introduction to Aromatherapy Dorset and Bristol