Muriel Pichard

Muriel started her healing work twenty-two years ago when she moved from Paris to London and embarked upon an unexpected and yet transformational journey with homeopathy which led her to working with flower essences and all kinds of vibrational essences. She has worked closely with international flower essences producers, ran a busy practice in London, led workshops, written articles, and developed her own range of essences.

She moved to Dorset in 2008, and started her magical journey with aromatherapy through the NYR diploma course, which added deeply to her overall life and healing work in particular. Being fascinated by “connection” and how essential oils and massage help us reconnect with ourselves and the part of us that require healing, she has fully incorporated aromatherapy in her existing practice. Being passionate about sharing, she is a mentor and tutor on the “Intro to Aromatherapy” and “Intro to Flower Essences” NYR courses.

Courses: Introduction to Flower Essences | Introduction to Aromatherapy Dorset and Bristol