Alistair Hay

Before becoming a homoeopath Alastair gained a degree in physiology and pharmacology from King's College, London so his understanding of the body and how conventional medicines influence it is balanced with his understanding of homoeopathy and how this can affect the body.
Alastair has 17 years’ experience as a homoeopath treating through a mixture of classical and flexible prescribing methods and enjoys integrating medical and complementary knowledge to help people get well and stay well.
Alastair has taught on our Introduction to Homoeopathy course for the past 6 years. Al’s teaching style is practical and hugely informative. It's taught in a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of discussion and group participation. Homoeopathy can be perceived as a complex subject which has always been met with mixed reactions. Alastair aims to break the principal foundations down to be understood and appreciated by all, giving you enough information to feel confident about integrating homoeopathy into you and your family’s lives.