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World Land Trust - A UK First for Neal's Yard Remedies

We are delighted to have been awarded a World Land Trust Certificate for using Carbon Balanced Paper in the packaging for our 2012 Christmas Gift range.

The World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced projects offset emissions through the purchase and protection of tropical forest under imminent threat of deforestation and the restoration of degraded land.

By choosing Carbon Balanced Paper for our gift range, Neal’s Yard Remedies have balanced, through the World Land Trust, the equivalent of 9700 kgs of carbon dioxide, enabling the World Land Trust to preserve in perpetuity 815m2 of critically threatened tropical forest.

Click here to see Neal's Yard's Certificate
Click here to view the certificate

Our Blue Bottles

Our British-made jars are fired from Scottish sand, Yorkshire limestone and soda ash from Cheshire. In line with our CarbonNeutral® status, we're continually trying to find more ways to be that bit greener, and reducing our packaging mileage is a great step forward to reducing our carbon footprint.

We've also decided to be more energy-efficient in our production process, by keeping to one size of jar for our facial skincare. Our modest 50g size means we can continue to develop creams and balms with an ever-greater level of organic ingredients, and the minimum amount of preservatives - while still keeping them fresh and vital all the way to the bottom of the jar.

Of course our blue glass bottles and jars are 100% recyclable, just add them to the green glass collection at your local recycling bank.

Our blue bottles

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