Keiko Kishimoto


I was born and brought up in Japan until I first came to England to increase my knowledge and experience.  Since I have been a therapist the experience has made me grow and it doesn't seem to stop.

Personally I am studying Chinese medicine and Immunology to cultivate my treatment. I am always aiming to offer the truly unique holistic experience which is combining both eastern and western techniques. Also I am trained as a colour therapy and reiki practitioner and learned EFT by my self.  I would like to help you have emotional well being as well as physical health to counteract the stresses of modern day life.




Diploma in Holistic therapies  - VTCT ,IIHHT ( Swindon College)

Diploma in Stone therapy  - VTCT ,IIHHT ( Swindon College)

Certificate Thermal Auricular Therapy - VTCT ,IIHHT ( Swindon College)

Diploma in Natural Face lift massage (inspire massage workshops)
Certificate in Hands free massage (Darien Pritchard)

Usui  Reiki - 3rd Degree  ( in Japan)

Jikiden Reiki- Shoden, Okuden (Jikiden Reiki Institute)

Aura-Soma Colour Therapy - Advanced (the International Academy of Colour Therapeutic)

MICHT (Member of International Council of Holistic Therapists)