It`s what`s inside that counts, right?

By jimmy37, 23/04/2014
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NYR have got it right with this excellent face wash which delivers a lathery, aromatic experience. Cleans skin with no parched after feel. Will continue to buy it. The downside (yes there is one :( is the packaging! The iconic blue bottles are great (our house is full of them) please continue to use them, but not for the MENS face wash! it is not suitable for the gym, or the shower. A glass bottle with pump is aesthetically pleasing, but so impractical. I decant every bottle I buy into an old NYR eye make-up remover plasic bottle with fliptop (my wifes, not mine!) and it works perfectly. Please put the facial wash into this 100ml fliptop bottle, (you make them anyway) much easier for guy's. Believe me. To end on a positive note, the NYR MEN products are fantastic.