Get the ‘No make-up’ Look

No make-up

This spring look fresh and naturally radiant with our effortless 'No make-up' look, enhancing your best features through simple contouring and subtle shading.

Blusher Brush Bronzer: Golden BronzeStep 1

Contour with a sweep of Golden Bronze Bronzer under the cheek bones with the Blusher brush.

Blusher Brush Blusher: HeatherStep 2

Dust Heather Blusher onto the apple of your cheeks using the Blusher Brush.

Eye Shadow Blender Brush Eye Shadow: OatStep 3

Sweep Oat Eye Shadow across the eye lids, using the Eye Shadow Blender Brush.

Eye Liner: OakStep 4

Run a fine line of Oak Eye Liner along the root of the lashes to define.

Lip/Concealer Brush Lip Gloss: Goji BerryStep 5

Accentuate lips with Goji Berry Lip Gloss applied with the Lip/Concealer Brush.

Lip Gloss: DamsonStep 6

For a 'catwalk' look use Damson Lip Gloss, it's suitable for all skin tones.

Organic Eye Make Up Remover 100mlOrganic Eye make-Up Remover

At the end of the day, this gently sweeps away make-up while hydrating and conditioning. With antioxidant white tea and organic aloe vera.
£10.20 / 100 ml


Top tip
To find the apple of your cheeks, smile – the rounded areas are your apples.

Top tip
Gently run Eye Liner right along the roots of the lashes, it's a very subtle but very effective way of accentuating the eyes.

“Contouring is really big for spring summer 2012”
Kay Montano,
International Make-Up Artist

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