Flower Essences in products

Flower Essences in products

English Name
Latin name
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Alpine mint bush
Prostanthera cuneata Addressing mental and emotional exhaustion. It is revitalising and helps people feel more positive, despite their overwhelming tasks. It is particularly beneficial for people who care fulltime for others.
Lobelia gibbosa Angelsword is for when one feels confused, especially about a spiritual issue. It also helps release negative emotions. It refreshes the mind and protects us from negative influences that drag us down and tire us.
Banksia robur
Banksia robur Banksia robur is for feelings of frustration, lethargy or disappointment. Helps people renew their interest in life, have enthusiasm for the challenges before them, and to overcome exhaustion or setbacks.
Banksia serrata
Old man banksia Old Man Banksia is for feelings of weariness and frustration. It helps add some spark to one's life when lethargy or exhaustion have taken hold. It helps renew enjoyment and interest in life.
Black Eyed Susan

Tetratheca ericifolia

A commonly needed essence for today's hectic-paced world, Black-eyed Susan is for people who are impatient, dislike waiting, and feel there is never enough time to do everything. It helps people slow down and prioritise better.

Bush fuschia
Epacris longiflora Bush Fuschia has a beneficial effect on self-esteem. It is for those who ignore their intuition or don't commit to their own ideals. It improves confidence, helping people to realise their own needs and desires.

Crowea saligna

A balancing essence, Crowea helps people to relax, stop worrying and have more clarity. It is beneficial for people who have a feeling that things are not quite right but canít necessarily say why. 

Fringed violet

Thysanotus tuberosus

For shock, grief or any upset, however small, Fringed Violet is a useful remedy for coping with emotional upheaval. It helps to soothe distressed feelings and can also benefit nervousness and anxiety.


Jacaranda mimosaefolia

Jacaranda is for people who find it hard to make decisions and who are very changeable in their mood and mind. It grounds people, helping them to become more decisive and composed.

Little flannel flower
Actinotus minor This remedy helps us get in touch with our playful side. It also benefits serious children who worry incessantly. It helps people shift from being heavy and serious to being more joyful and light.
Eucalyptus macrocarpa Macrocarpa has an ability to give a sense of renewal to people who are physically or mentally exhausted, or who are disillusioned with life. It promotes inner strength and endurance, as well as enthusiasm.
Mulla mulla

Ptilotus atripicifolius

Mulla Mulla is a remedy for easing any problems associated with heat. It helps restore our balance when we feel hot and flustered. It may also help reduce discomfort associated with sunburn or hot flushes.

flowered tea tree
Leptospermum squarrosum

This remedy is for those who become easily bored and who don't finish projects due to lack of interest, commitment or enthusiasm. It helps people feel more balanced and renews their interest in following through goals.  

She oak

Casuarina glauca

This is a balancing and calming essence. It has a particular affinity with women, helping to improve their sense of well-being, but it is also balancing for men. Externally, it helps the skin to rehydrate.

Silver princess

Eucalyptus caesia

Silver Princess is for people who are pessimistic about their life's direction. It is useful if you are feeling flat or wondering what life has to offer. It helps improve direction, motivation and purpose.