Feverfew Dried Herb

Feverfew is a herb with anti-inflammatory, vasodilatory and relaxant properties. As such it has gained a deserved reputation in the treatment of migraine, especially when it is relieved by warmth. It may also help painful, actively inflamed arthritis. Feverfew may also be used to reduce fever and to reduce excessive blood clotting. Painful periods and sluggish menstrual flow may be alleviated by feverfew.
Contra-indications: irritation - skin reactions and mouth soreness/ulcers - have appeared in some sensitive people when they have taken feverfew. But this has tended to happen with fresh leaves only.

As a listed ingredient in James Wong's 'HERB BUTTER FOR MIGRAINE PREVENTION' recipe from his new book 'Grow Your Own Drugs - a year with James Wong'.

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