Everyone loves this perfume on me!

By pollylancs, 14/04/2013
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I'm not really a fragrance person. I've never really found one that I particularly like or that others like on me! Most fragrances just seem to disappear and strong fragrances give me a headache. I bought this fragrance because I was feeling pretty low and wanted something with integrity to lift me. Although it's an essential oil, it's not heavy - it certainly doesn't give me a headache. It kinda gives you a hug and then settles into the background, to the extent that you forget about it - that is until someone mentions how lovely you smell! I've never had so many comments about a fragrance as I've had with this one! Both men and women love it. I went to a restaurant recently and the waiter told me that I smelt lovely - it wasn't a chat-up line, it's just true, I do smell lovely!!! I think i've found my signature scent for life!