Definitely worth the price.

By cyanide665, 21/10/2010
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I found this cream by accident - my housemate had a sample and she wouldn't use it so she gave it to me. At first I thought that's just another cream, probably expensive, that's why they give samples away. But of course, having nothing to lose I started to apply it once in a while when I remembered as I love trying new cosmetics out. After a while I noticed my skin became more supple, fresh and hydrated? I was really surprised - I have a skin very prone to acne, scars, dry patches after using anti-acne products, also I struggle with blackheads. Trust me, you cannot get much worse when it comes to skin condition than me. While this product won't help you with acne in general, it is perfect to soothe your skin after drying it out with anti-acne products. I don't think it's comedogenic as it definitely didn't make my spots & scars worse. All the other creams I've used did, and after buying my first jar online I don't think I'll ever go back to any other over-the-counter creams. It doesn't leave the oily, extremely shiny film other brands used to. This is a perfect cream to invest your money in if you want to take care of your skin. I am looking to try the rest of the collection as soon as I save some money, especially eye cream. All in all, as I said, it's well worth the money.