Covent Garden Journal loves...Neal's Yard Remedies


"Phwoar. Get a load of that". It's 11am and I'm standing in the sunlit mixing room of the country's most successful organic skincare brand. Yet as I put my nose to the proffered bottle, the scent that hits me is neither soothing, nor cleansing, nor particularly pleasant. To be honest, it smells a little bit like... curry?

"Exactly!" beams Fran, lab technician at Neal's Yard Remedies and the creative genius behind its extensive range of lotions and potions. In one hand she is holding a plastic jug of rather questionable looking cream; in the other, the ‘eau de takeaway' that, if ancient Indian medicinal traditions are anything to go by, will help transform the cream into a ‘brightening serum'. Click here to read the full review