Our approach to carbon management

We describe our carbon related activity with the help of Forum for the Future's carbon management hierarchy: avoid, reduce, replace, offset.



Peacemarsh, our larch-clad eco-factory in Dorset, UK, where we develop and manufacture the majority of our products, was purpose-built for us and designed to minimise energy use. Scandinavian high spec glass windows and doors help minimise heat loss whilst maximising natural light, a high level vent system helps regulate temperature (there’s no air-con – just good old-fashioned opening windows and doors), and our concrete floor acts as a heat sink to help keep temperature constant.

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We’re always looking for opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint. For example, in 2012 we reduced the weight of our 200g blue glass jar by 36%, and our new 30ml blue glass bottle is 15% lighter than its predecessor – helping reduce material use and transport related emissions. This year we are concentrating on moving more of our glass bottle production to the UK.

Carbon Management


At Peacemarsh we generate 7% of our own electricity from 200m2 of solar panels on our south facing roof, and the rest of our electricity supply is on a 100% renewable energy tariff. Our London offices and all UK company stores where we have control of energy (excluding shopping malls and some of our franchises) are also powered by 100% renewable energy tariffs. As we establish new stores we begin the switch to a green energy supplier as soon as we sign the lease.


In 2008, we became the first high street retailer in the UK to be awarded the CarbonNeutral® certification, reducing our carbon footprint to net zero. From 2012 we were awarded the very first World Land Trust certificate for using Carbon Balanced Paper in our Christmas gift boxes, now all our gift boxes are certified. Find out more >

We will use this hierarchy to set carbon related targets and ongoing improvements. One big challenge is that our international markets are growing significantly, so global distribution from our Eco Factory in Dorset, UK, is increasing rapidly. As we grow, we intend to grow responsibly. As part of this, we will be extending our solar panel area so that we can generate more of our own renewable energy on site.