Caroline Josling


Having trained in Fashion Design (BA Hons) London College of Fashion Carolline then was a Fashion Model for many years working internationally. Caroline qualified in Advanced Massage in 1990 and became an IFPA registered Aromatherapist and Rejuvanessence® practitioner in 1991.  She is trained in Reiki 1 and 2, Cranio-Sacral Therapy 1 and 2 with The Upledger Institute, and is a qualified Reflexologist with the AOR and specialises in pregnancy treatments often combining Aromatherapy, massage and Reflexology.  Caroline's treatments often draw on a mélange of all these techniques.


Facial Energy Release

A totally unique facial rejuvenation with more....

A fingertip holistic facial massage that works on the connective tissue and muscles of the face, neck and skull and shoulders.

Thus releasing tension and strain ,instilling a blissful quiet  in the face and whole body .

Each session working on a different area. It is totally blissful and often send the client into an alpha like state akin to meditation.-

"Sheer bliss" Woman and Home magazine

She now lives in Bath with her daughter and works from here and London.  Caroline runs Rejuvanessence® Training Courses also in London and Bath




ITEC anatomy and physiology 1990

Aromatherapy ITEC 1990

International School of Therapeutic Massage Advanced Massage 1 and 2 1990

International Institute of Rejuvanessence 1991

International Federation of Aromatherapy exam 1991

Aromatherapy Associates Diploma 1991

Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine &Aromatherapy (including Reflexology) for treating Obstetrics 1999

REIKI 1&2 1997

Cranio Sacral therapy 1 and 2 Upledger 2000

Reflexology AOR 2008

Spinal Reflexology 2008

Reflexology Obstetrics (Central College of Reflexology) 2007

Maternity Reflexology part 1

by Susanne Enzer 2010