Best moisturiser for oily/problem skin I've ever tried

By lewizzy, 17/07/2013
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I have very oily/problem skin with a lot of hormonal acne (I'm 16). I got a sample of this with InStyle magazine and thought I'd just try it, as my Liz Earle moisturiser that is specifically made for oily skin had just run out. To start with, I didn't use this on my cheek where I have the most acne and scarring, but after about a week I realised how good this stuff was and started using it all over my face. It has an extremely light texture, meaning that it doesn't clog pores and has done wonders for my skin; not only have my breakouts decreased dramatically, but the scarring I've had for months on my cheek is beginning to fade. The best stuff ever, I'm going to have to get this larger size next time. (As a side note, the smell is a little weird, much more fruity than I'm used to, but you get used to it pretty quickly!)