Becs Griffiths


I qualified as a medical herbalist in 2010 after four years studying herbal medicine.  I have worked for the past year in New Orleans as a herbalist in an integrated free health clinic gaining invaluable experience.

Herbal medicine is one of the oldest forms of medicine and uses the medical properties of plants to help treat a wide range of health problems. Herbs are gentle, safe and effective with very few side-effects.

The approach of a herbalist is to treat the underlying root cause of the illness, alongside the symptoms.  Medical herbalists combine traditional knowledge of plants with more recent scientific research to create an individually tailored treatment plan. Nutritional and lifestyle advice is also included if necessary.

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BSc First Class (Hons) Herbal Medicine - University of East London 2010

Two awards from the National Institute of Medical Herbalists for top final clinical exams in the UK, 2010.