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Nourishing Lavender Shampoo


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This gentle, creamy shampoo enriches fine, flyaway hair, while softening unruly curls and smoothing flyaway strands. The nourishing blend of organic jojoba and calendula restores vitality while cleansing your hair and scalp.

All our shampoos have a natural low lathering foam to avoid stripping away the hair’s natural oils, which can leave it feeling brittle and dry as well as irritating the scalp.

  • For fine or curly hair
  • Enriches and smooths flyaway stands
  • Low lathering foam

How to use:

Wet hair with warm water, apply shampoo sparingly and work into a low lather. Rinse thoroughly and repeat as necessary. For best results, follow with Nourishing Lavender Conditioner.

Tips on cleansing:

Warmth will help open the cuticle of the hair shaft to facilitate cleansing of any oils of substances trapped beneath, but avoid using hot water as it will dry the scalp and hair. The ideal temperature would be just gently warm on the skin. Concentrate on massaging the scalp, the massage effect will also help stimulate the revitalizing blood flow within the skin as well as remove any dead skin cells or surface impurities. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, ensuring that the scalp is left clean and that the product has been rinsed through the lengths of the hair. For best results, give your hair a cold rinse to finish. Not only will it close the hair shaft (resulting in more shine) it will help to constrict the sebaceous glands to help moderate sebum production.

Recommended for fine hair.

Blue bottle: plastic

Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil*, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil*, Sodium cocoamphoacetate, Lauryl betaine, Glycerin*, Calendula officinalis (Calendula) flower extract*, Alcohol denat.*, Aqua (Water), Cetearyl glucoside, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) oil*, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) leaf juice powder*, Xanthan gum, Citric acid, Coumarin, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool. *Organically produced ingredient. Natural constituent of essential oils listed. Made with 85% organically produced ingredients.

This is a vegan product.

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(based on 24 reviews)
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Very moisturising and cleansing shampoo
By kate from london on 29/06/2017

I was a bit unsure due to the mixed reviews but I go by ingredients and this one appeared to be very moisturising with gentle cleansing agents. I have been having great trouble finding a shampoo that agrees with my scalp, all the natural and organic ones have made it dull, over drying it without cleaning it. This leaves my scalp shiny and clean looking. I don't find this foams, it's more the consistency of a conditioner and I do go through it a bit quicker than a shampoo that would foam up. It lasts 3 months once open and I would not use it up in this time so as soon as I open it I decant half into a jar filled to the top with the lid on tight and leave it in my fridge. I hope NY don't change the ingredients and if you are on the fence about getting it you can always go to a NY store and ask for a bit from a tester in a pot to try.

By kate, 29/06/2017
By Pretty Polly from Scotland on 10/06/2017

Have used the Geranium shampoo for a number of years and found it to be excellent. For a change and due to the fact I have fine hair I decided to give the Nourishing Lavender shampoo a try. Terrible - it left my hair with a greasy film and had to wash again with a different shampoo. I actually thought the bottle had been mis-labelled and the contents were conditioner!...Response from NYR on 20.06.17 'Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear of your disappointment with the lavender shampoo. This product has been formulated to be natural and organic and the amount of added foaming agents has been greatly reduced to maximise the organic status of the shampoo. The formula contains 70% organic plant oils and uses a minimal level of detergents and works in conjunction with the skin and hair's natural processes by utilising oils to cleanse and protect the hair shaft. It is also rich in essential fatty acids, which works by bringing nourishment to both the hair and scalp. However, we are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with this product and would advise that you contact our Customer Care Team at as they will be very happy to help and offer an alternative. Thank you'

By Pretty Polly, 10/06/2017
Made hair greasy next day
By Cat123 from London on 10/05/2017

I normally use the rose shampoo/conditioner which I love, thought I'd try the lavender as I have naturally curly hair and it said it's good for curly hair. Shampoo is more like a conditioner texture than shampoo, so much so that I thought I'd picked up the conditioner bottle by mistake. Hair didn't feel great on day it was washed but looked so greasy the next morning, like it hasn't been washed in weeks. Normally I can go 2-3 days between washes with the rose one. Won't be buying again...Response from NYR on 25.05.17 'Please do contact us regarding the product on, so that we can find a suitable one for your hair – our lavender shampoo is a low-foam shampoo and we have others that will suit your hair type.'

By Cat123, 10/05/2017
Very disappointing
By Denise from Guildford on 21/03/2017

I was in Waitrose looking for a new shampoo and conditioner as I have been having problems with spots on my scalp. I have been a fan of Neals Yard products and thought i'd try this shampoo and conditioner. My first attempt at getting the shampoo out of the small opening resulted in having to call my husband to squeeze the bottle for me. The shampoo is far too thick to get out of the small space and the bottle is much too hard to be able to squeeze with one hand and even with two hands. I have ended up having to take the caps right off the bottles and have to shake the bottles to get the shampoo out which means I tend to use more than I really need. I'm afraid I have had to give up on these two products and am annoyed at wasting a not inconsiderable amount of money and am now looking for an alternative. I would love your comments on the above. I am a fairly strong woman but these bottles are much too hard for me to squeeze...Response from NYR on 23.03.17 'We’re really sorry to hear that you are having difficulty using our shampoo bottles, and take your feedback on board. Please do contact us on and we’ll be happy to find a solution for you.'

By Denise, 21/03/2017
Lavender Fan!
By Eva from Woodbridge, Suffolk on 06/11/2016

This shampoo really seems to divide opinions - die hard critics versus die hard fans. I certainly fall into the latter - I can honestly say this shampoo has worked absolute wonders for me. It's the first, and only, shampoo that I've used that has helped improve the texture of my (previously) dry hair. I don't have any specialist knowledge here, but I think because this shampoo is oil based it helps keep hair hydrated, meaning mine is less delicate and more manageable. I also find the lavender incredibly relaxing, especially after work. This is, without a hesitation of doubt, my favourite Neal's Yard product. But, as other people have said in their comments, if you haven't got 'unruly curls', this shampoo probably isn't the right choice for you! Perhaps the nurturing rose range would be more suitable...

By Eva, 06/11/2016
Great product for dry hair
By Alex from London on 06/11/2016

This is a great shampoo for people with drier hair, prone to frizziness. It doesn't strip the hair of its natural oils and the smell is absolutely amazing!

By Alex, 06/11/2016
By Ali from Wye, Ashford on 06/08/2016

I decided to ignore the low ratings of this product but I really which I hadn't. I have used other Neals Yard shampoos which were lovely but this one isn't. It has a very creamy texture which made me think immediately I had accidentally put conditioner on my hair. If is very difficult to rub into hair. I washed it out without there being any foaming. The next day my hair looked awful as though it hadn't been washed for a month. Very disappointing. I wish I had believed the reviews. I would not buy this again or recommend this product . It is not fit for purpose in my opinion.

By Ali, 06/08/2016
Perfect for thick coarse hair
By Teddy from London on 02/08/2016

This works great for my thick, rather coarse hair. I use it along with the rose nurturing conditioner and think it's great.

By Teddy, 02/08/2016
Love, Love, Love
By Pip from Kent on 12/06/2016

OH MY GOD, this is my number one beauty must have. Popped into NYR on the off chance they had a shampoo suitable for my rather thick and wild hair. Was recommended this and I have to admit it's perfect. I think its low sulphite/ high oil content means it leaves hair less stripped and slightly weighted down. I can honestly say this would be the luxury I would take to my desert island! Thank you for making this product!

By Pip, 12/06/2016
By Manny from London on 06/06/2016

If, like me, you have rather unruly hair prone to frizz, then this is the shampoo for you. No, it doesn't lather up like NYR's other shampoos, but that's the point - it doesn't remove the natural oils from your hair. I really feel it nourishes my hair, leaving it glossy and manageable. Please make it in a larger size!

By Manny, 06/06/2016
Tried hard with this
By Jimjam from Dorset on 04/06/2016

My daughter gave me this and the conditioner at Christmas as she knows how much I love Neals yard products and lavender. I have never used your shampoo and conditioner before and maybe she chose the wrong one for my hair type. I kept with it and have just finished both.It has just not worked in any way for my hair. It left it lank and lifeless. No shine and no body. Very disappointed and reluctant to try another shampoo and conditioner.

By Jimjam, 04/06/2016
Lavender Shampoo
By mth from Birmingham on 21/05/2016

I regularly buy NYR and usually love them but this has been very disappointing. It is hard work to use and does not work on my very fine fair. Will not be buying again....NYR response on 24/05/16: We’re sorry to hear that the shampoo is not suitable for your hair. Please do contact us at so that we can help you further.

By mth, 21/05/2016
Terrible Shampoo
By Ivan from London on 18/04/2016

Why is this called shampoo? No foam, no fun. Just an oily bit of stuff that takes a large quantity to achieve any cleansing. Will never buy again. NYR Response...This product has been formulated to be natural and organic and the amount of added foaming agents has been greatly reduced to maximise the organic status of the shampoo. The formula contains 70% organic plant oils and uses a minimal level of detergents and works in conjunction with the skin and hair's natural processes by utilising oils to cleanse and protect the hair shaft. It is also rich in essential fatty acids, which works by bringing nourishment to both the hair and scalp.

By Ivan, 18/04/2016
By Mildred from Shropshire on 23/03/2016

I am a massive fan of Neal's Yard products and was keen to try their Lavender shampoo and conditioner. Oh dear! It left my fine, highlighted blonde hair looking and feeling like straw, even after several washes. It certainly isn't nourishing!!

By Mildred, 23/03/2016
would not buy again
By sandy55 from London on 09/03/2016

Shampoo did not lather, but the main problem was that it left my hair a mass of tangles. I tried it a few times, but gave up. Used the lavender conditioner at the same time, but it did not help detangle the hair at all. Bottle of shampoo and conditioner gone in the bin...Response from NYR...'Our Nourishing Lavender Shampoo has been formulated to be natural and organic whilst being effective. We have greatly cut down on the amount of added foaming agents which would reduce the organic status of the shampoo. We hope that our dedicated and ethical customers will join us to 'challenge the paradigms'! Often when we change shampoo from other brands it can take a while for our hair to adjust as the ingredients which have coated it are washed away. We would recommend continuing to use the product and give time for your hair to adjust to it. But if you would like to return it to us please contact Customer Services on 01747834634.'

By sandy55, 09/03/2016
By Honeybee from Canada. on 17/02/2016

The sulphates in the shampoo is a derivative from coconut. It is not the SLS kind which is bad. It's what makes your shampoo lather and it wouldn't be very good without it.

By Honeybee, 17/02/2016
Love this product!
By Bella from London on 28/01/2016

I absolutely love this shampoo! Gently cleanses hair, without stripping the oils, and stops my curls from getting out of control.

By Bella, 28/01/2016
Wonderful once you get used to it. Wouldn't use anything else now.
By Dandelion from Mid Wales on 26/01/2016

When I first tried this, I found it didn't lather like all the other shampoos I used. Talking to a pharmacist friend and my hairdresser, I was told this wasn't important on the first application as this helps to break up the dirt. The second application lathered up quite well and I'm told this completes the cleaning.rnOnce I knew this, I stuck with it. Despite living in a hard water area, I don't need to use very much - just a 50p size piece to start with and a very small amount to follow. Now I won't use anything else My hair is beautifully soft and silky and my head no longer itches to the extent it did with other 'good' shampoos.rnIt takes a bit of getting used to, but I love my hair now. It's so soft and has increased the volume of my 'elderly' hair. I also don't need to wash my hair every 2 days - I leave it 4 or 5!rnBy the way, I have short hair and I'm 68rnThank you for the first shampoo that hasn't caused my head to itch.

By Dandelion, 26/01/2016
By SianW from London on 10/01/2016

I've used Neals Yard products for years and I've always really liked them. I have never tried their shampoos and conditioners before but recently bought both in the 'Nourishing Lavender'. Basically, it's like putting greasy face cream in your hair. Doesn't resemble shampoo in any shape or form. Conditioner is nearly as bad! Total waste of money. Can't use at all. Had to re-wash my hair in proper shampoo (Lee Stafford). Will be in touch with Canary Wharf store regarding this...rnResponse from NYR...Hello, We’re really sorry to hear that the lavender shampoo and conditioner is not suitable for you. Please contact our Customer Services department on 01747834634 so that they can resolve this and perhaps find haircare products that work for you.

By SianW, 10/01/2016
By anna from london on 24/10/2015

Lovely product. contains no sulfate like some of other Neal's Yard shampoo--- none of the shampoo should contain sulfate especially for the brand like NYR ! Shame I cannot buy this from your independent consultant..hence it's 4 star.

By anna, 24/10/2015
It's lush
By camdendream from London on 22/09/2015

In response to Renna from Glasgow.. I am so grateful that you wrote that, because I am precisely going through that phase.. I bought the shampoo on Saturday because I thought I wanted to go clean and gentle on my hair, plus I have a unconditional love for lavender seemed perfect. And actually I love it but my hair is greasy and a bit rebel right now. I did think that there must be a period of adjustment though, going from £3 Superdrug Shampoos to this...the hair must be like 'what's going on??' and then in a few days it will go ' ahhh, finally something good for me' :) LOL. It smells divine as well

By camdendream, 22/09/2015
By renna from Glasgow, United Kingdom on 02/06/2015

Its worth pointing out that if you are switching to this shampoo and conditioner from other well known brands it is likely that you will think its not working. This is because the silicones used in regular shampoos are washing out so you'll will go through a phase of your hair feeling brittle and unmanageable. This is exactly what happened to me. My hair is thick, curly and prone to frizz. Now the silicones have gone and are no longer coating my hair strands this shampoo works a treat. My hair has a fantastic shine, the aloe in it has relaxed my curls and soothed my scalp. My hair has never actually looked better. It is worth the price to know your not putting awful chemicals on your hair.

By renna, 02/06/2015
By jenneykelly from Crawley, United Kingdom on 02/06/2015

Love this shampoo - it smells beautiful and is gentle on the scalp. As described, it is a low lather and creamy. Best results are massaging the shampoo into the scalp for the first wash and you can work up some lather/bubbles during a second shampoo. Recommended.

By jenneykelly, 02/06/2015
does what it says
By piglet from norwich, United Kingdom on 02/06/2015

wonderful creamy shampoo and does give my very fine hair volume

By piglet, 02/06/2015

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