Ahead of its league

By ColinT1970, 08/12/2012
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This is a truly remarkable product. It sounds so "wishy washy" (no pun intended!) to say that it "normalises the skin" - but, in truth, that's exactly what it does! As well as a wonderfully refreshing wash, morning and night, watch those skin issues start to disappear. This is not a medical preparation, but just try it and see for yourself. I suffered for 15 years with seborrhoeic dermatitis on my face. Every day, I'd try to minimise the symptoms by exfoliating to remove the flaky skin and then moisturise in an attempt to reduce any further flaking. I asked my GP for help, but he told me my regime was a good one and that the results I was achieving were "at least as good" as any medical preparation he could offer. A few weeks ago, I started using this product and suddenly noticed I didn't need to exfoliate any more - at least, for medical reasons. Discolouration was also disappearing. Last month, I attended a weekend conference - I had met the other delegates for the first and only previous time at the same conference last year. It so happens only men were present, yet I still received many compliments in the improvement in my skin - indeed, some asked what I'm now using! Obviously, I wasn't previously controlling the symptoms as well as I'd thought, if they were remembered so clearly by so many after meeting for so short a time. Meanwhile, I've witnessed teens and 20-somethings (males and females) give this product a try in an attempt to clear acne and have seen spectacular improvements. It leaves one to wonder, if the results are so immediate and dramatic, perhaps it's time to address natural and organic on the inside as well as on the skinside!