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Saving The Bees

Our Bee Lovely Campaign

Bees are dying out and need our support. Our award-winning campaign supports grass-roots projects and larger national campaigns working to increasing bee-habitat and reduce harmful pesticides.

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Breast Cancer Haven

Breast Cancer Support

Breast Cancer Haven offers free emotional support, help with symptom control and practical advice to anyone affected by breast cancer. We support Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

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Beat the Microbead

Fauna & Flora International have launched the Good Scrub Guide as part of the Beat the Microbead global campaign, helping you steer clear of skincare made with polluting plastic microbeads. We've been campaigning for years to ban microbeads and have never used them in our products.

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Women for Women

An inspirational organisation that provides women survivors of conflict with the tools and resources they need to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency.

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Moms Across America

Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids

A US national coalition of Unstoppable Moms campaigning for GM labelling and empowering millions to learn about GMOs, related pesticides and health.

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Beyond GM

Raising the Debate

A great resource with useful FAQs, latest news, research and campaigns on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the UK and elsewhere.

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The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Working to clean up the beauty aisle through engaging consumers and delivering market campaigns designed to eliminate harmful chemicals from cosmetics and personal care products.

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GM Free Me

Be seen and be heard

GM Free Me is a unique visual petition, an alternative ‘national portrait gallery’ made up of real people saying No to GMOs. Add your voice to be a force for positive change.

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Small Change
Big Difference

We're encouraging consumers to make a Small Change in their everyday lives by buying organic, which in turn will make a Big Difference to food, farming, wildlife biodiversity and the environment.

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The Organic
Trade Board

A group organisation working with its members, the press, government and other bodies to help increase organic sales though education, communication and by supporting policy change.

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