Veronica Rago


Veronica started her career training to be a doctor at Guy's Hospital Medical School in 1976.  Always interested in deepening her understanding of ill-health, she was a founder-member of the ‘Issues in Health Group' at Guy's.  The group invited Dr Alec Forbes to give a talk on Homeopathy which was so inspiring that she then knew that she could never limit her practice to the allopathic model and she left medical school.

After ten years of working with various community groups, gaining a CQSW along the way, she decided to train as a homeopath after realising that working therapeutically with individuals had the potential to be far more effective and fulfilling.

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!st MB  -  Guy's Hospital Medical School (1977)

CQSW  -  Polytechnic of North London (1982)

Licenciate in Homeopathy  -  London College of Classical Homeopathy (1992)

Post-graduate diploma  -  Dynamis  School of Homeopathy (1995)

Registered with The Society of Homeopaths

Continued Professional Development (CPD) is maintained and current