Veronica Pollard


I've been teaching the Alexander Technique since 2003 and have run sessions at Neal's Yard Remedies since 2005.

I first tried the Technique when I started having headaches and neck problems. I learnt that my problems were being caused by how I moved and that this was having a negative impact on other areas of my life too. I was taught early on that ‘what I thought was what I got' and by learning to change my thinking and acquiring the necessary mental discipline I have been able to transform my life.

I have had such profound benefits from this work that I am committed to teaching its principles and ideas to help as many people as I can make improvements in both their physical and mental performance

I offer classes in the Alexander Technique. This can be learnt in one to one sessions or in small groups. The first 2 courses last 10 weeks each and then lessons can be ongoing.

I also offer Introductory workshops, usually on a Saturday morning.  Visit my website




BSc Hons, University of Bristol

Interactive Teaching Method (ITM) Association 2nd Level Teacher. (Alexander Technique Teacher qualification)

City and Guilds Certificate of Further Education Teaching