Vanessa Pegorari


I am a holistic medical massage therapist.  My treatments improve wellbeing, focusing on body relaxation and pain relief of the soft tissues.  I treat the whole body, specializing in the treatment of the neck, back and shoulders.  I use a wide range of techniques including trigger points, advanced stretches and deep tissue massage.  I personalize the treatment according to your symptoms.  Hot stones can be used to accelerate the softening process, to soothe and heal muscular aches and pain, melting away tension and enhancing the feeling of relaxation.  These treatments facilitate your body's own recuperative abilities.





Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology (ITEC)

Diploma in Holistic and Therapeutic Massage (OSM)

Certificate in Holistic Medical Massage (JING)

Certificate in Hot Stones Therapy (JING)