Tekla Kosa


After acquiring my MSc Biology and BA Event Management in 2004 I decided to move to London and become an Autaogenic Therapist and Reflexologist.

I was trained in the Original Ingham Method® of reflexology and also attended the ARTTM (Advanced Reflexology Training) seminar at the International Institute of Reflexology, UK.

My biology background gives me a deep understanding of the basic principles of both therapies and how they influence the physiological health of the body. I am focused on working in depth with my  patients, helping them achieve a sustainable, healthy balance of emotional and physical life.

I am a registered member of the International Institute of Reflexology (IIR).  
I am also a Trustee of the British Autogenic Society (BAS) and have been a member of its Steering Group since 2009.




MSc Biology

Diploma in Autogenic Training (DipAT)

Diploma in Reflexology (IIR MAR)