Stephen Thornton


Stephen originally started out working in his home city of Galway on the west coast of Ireland and has since moved to live and work in Scotland. His practice combines a blend of time honoured therapies and the newest research and techniques available; specialising in soft tissue, he aids patients in recovering full range of motion in their joints.

In his search for a solution to long term back pain Stephen started looking into different therapies and their effects
on the body. He became so fascinated with how the body dealt with issues such as pain, stress and
other emotions that he eventually decided to do a course himself. It was on this course that he finally understood
the saying ‘choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life'.




Certification in Sports Massage Therapy April 2013, National Training Centre of Ireland
Certification in Neuromuscular Therapy November 2013, National Training Centre of Ireland