Spencer Joseph


Spencer Joseph : Integrative therapist

Since 1990 Spencer has studied many different areas of health and well being, including meditation, martial arts and yoga. He integrates knowledge from Eastern and Western medicine and is constantly working to further his understanding of the mind and body.

Spencer has years of experience working at several well known clinics in Central London and this has allowed the development of his own integrated approach to treatment.  

Spencer follows the tradition of looking for the underlying cause of any health complaint while treating the presenting symptoms. Therefore each person is treated as a unique individual.  An initial consultation may include questions regarding medical history, physical complaints, diet, sleep patterns, exercise, work, energy levels and emotional state.

integrative therapies :

Acupuncture & Chinese herbs  Shiatsu & Massage    Cranio Sacral Therapy  Hypnotherapy   Integrative Counselling

You can learn more about Spencer's work from his website bodytherapeutics.co.uk





Post Graduate Diploma in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Professional Licence in Zen Shiatsu

Diploma in Sports Injury Treatment and Massage

Certification in Cranio Sacral Therapy

member of The United Kingdom Association of Humanistic
Psychology Practitioners.

Certification in Nutritional Advice

Upledger Cranio Sacral Therapy II certification

Thor Laser Therapy certification

BA Hons degree in Philosophy

Member of The Chinese Medical Institute and Register, The Zen Shiatsu Society, The Cranio Sacral Society, The Complementary Therapists Association, The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council