Soo Cheung Griffiths


I qualified as an Aromatherapist in 2002 and have included other therapies from post-graduate courses taken over the years.  My career so far has embraced the banking, financial services, hotel management, engineering and brewing industries.  It is from this pressured work background that I became aware of the benefits of complementary therapy.   

As a fully trained therapist I shall always endeavour to achieve my clients' total harmony, in body and mind - leaving them with a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.

I also practise Chinese foot massage which works on the pressure points of the feet, similar to reflexology.  'Dry' Massage is massage without Oil (including working through clothing.) The client may find massage strokes are similar as an oil-based massage, with only a slight variation in techniques.  'Dry' massage is generally carried out on a massage table, but as massage is also possible through clothing this enables massage to be carried out on a massage chair, in a public situation.      -




2002 Aromatherapy / A&P        Complementary Therapies College of Wales, Cardiff

2002 On-Chair Massage           Complementary Therapies College of Wales, Cardiff                                  

2002 Indian Head Massage   Complementary Therapies College of Wales,    Cardiff                                 

2003 Reiki 1                                      Christine Quinlan, Cardiff

2004 Hands Free Massage                 Darien Pritchard, Dynamic Massage

2004 Pre-natal Massage with e/os    Complementary Therapies College of Wales, Cardiff

2005 Japanese Acupressure Face Massage                                 SEED Institute, Hants

2005 Lymphatic Drainage Massage     SEED Institute Hampshire                                 

2005 Reiki 2                                      Judy Browne, Ewenny, South Wales

2007 HOPI ear candling                      TEACH Therapy, Cardiff

2007Advanced Massage Technique   TEACH Therapy, Cardiff

2007  Infant Massage (Instructor)          TEACH Therapy, Cardiff

Neal's Yard Remedies Holistic  Facial       September 2009

Massage (deep tissue and Swedish) IFPA    -  (the massage I practise incorporates deep tissue, Swedish and shiatsu techniques - I use deep tissue techniques on my existing clients requiring deeper massages)  -  I qualified 1 April 2002. 

Member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA)

Chinese foot massage which work on the pressure points of the feet, similar to reflexology.  I qualified for this in August 2006 from the SEED Institute. 

Ayurveda and Marma point.  SEED institute 2010

Sept 2009 - Freeing the shoulders - TEACH Therapy, Cardiff

March 2010 - Ayurvedic Facial Massage - SEED Institute, Ash

Diploma in dry massage